Experienced Business Development Lead and Account Executive
  • Richmond, TX
  • November 6, 2020

With a stellar track record of increasing operational profitability through Operational and Sales Management and the acquisition of new business as a Business Development Lead, it is my pleasure to submit my résumé for your review. I believe that, on review, you’ll recognize that my background compliments your requirements any important position designed to grow any company. I am excited about helping to grow your organization based on what I have accomplished at Coca-Cola and previous experiences with T-Mobile paired with my education.

My greatest strengths are those most necessary for continued, consistent growth and prosperity:

• Consistent success in overachieving revenue metrics.
• Passionate about bringing additional revenue to businesses through selling in products and using tools to communicate their benefits.
• Currently 130% to Goal in New Outlets. - #3 in Nation for 2016
• Developing a culture that realizes goals through teaming core strengths with company values.
• Highly educated with undergraduate degree in Fine Arts and Masters of Business Administration.
• Outstanding ability to communicate with all levels of an organization.
• Stand-out in creating logical solutions for our customers with use of my team and changing employee behaviors through ICAN coaching while with T-Mobile.
• During time at Coca-Cola, have exceeded company expectations by at least 125% consistently.
• Top 3 Market Development Manager in Houston MU for 2012 and 2013 for Coca-Cola.
• Currently #1 Business Development Lead at Coca-Cola in Southeast MU

My knowledge of all phases of Sales, along with specialized abilities that set my performance apart, enables me to offer genuinely unique talent. I’m confident I can bring to the table a package of skills, experience, and abilities that will provide you with an invaluable resource.

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Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages
Business Development Lead - Currently Furloughed
Field #1

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