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Wondering how to improve your current employment situation?

Submitted your resume to numerous companies and you are not receiving any response?

When is the last time you updated your resume?


Let our team of experts assist you.  We work on resumes every day and have found a style that will get you noticed and may even move your resume to the front of the pack!

From start to finish, the process can be accomplished in as little as two days (Rush Service), to a couple of weeks (based on scheduling).

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Rush Two Day Service: $200

Professionals: $300

Active Military: $200

Students: $150

The Process:

Your Road to success begins with Us!

First send your resume in Word format for a free review to  In the subject line include” Free Resume Review.   The process usually takes about a week. If we suggest that you should take advantage of our services, send us a confirmation acceptance email message and we will begin the assistance process.  From start to finish, the process can be completed in as little as one week!


Rush: $200.00
Professionals: $300.00
Active Military: $200.00
Students: $150.00

Receive (or be refunded) one free resume service when you refer four other individuals that use our resume service!

“I would HIGHLY recommend David to anyone who is looking for a job in the wine and spirits industry! I reached out to him last night for help finding a new position and he called me back within 12 hours of my email! He gave me such great advice for my resume and also some very helpful job suggestions! Not to mention, he has a wonderful personality and is a pleasure to work with!!!”

Southern Glazers Wine & Spirits

“David has been so amazingly helpful in his support and guidance as I started my journey to find a new opportunity. He is a wonderful resource; extremely knowledgeable not only about the industry and current trends but also about the companies; how they work and what they look for in future candidates.
He was so generous with his time helping me get my resume ready to send out and also helping me prepare for interviews. I would highly recommend connecting with David as you begin your journey to find a new role!”


He is witty and spirited and I suspect not much gets past his keen sensibilities.
He can homogenize an entire lifetime of career, resume and profile advice into a thimble and make all the difference to the job search.
His connections in the adult beverage arena are limitless and because of his charisma and purposeful networking, he will make the right connection of employer and agile employee. His passion for making those connections is contagious.
So, like I said, swallow your last sip of that energy drink and CALL DAVID!”

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