Very excited about all the good news! Just won another award! LinkedIn just informed us that we are receiving over 1,400 views a week, wow! But the real exciting news is that we will be expanding our Outplacement Career Transition Services officially in the next three weeks.

We have had many requests to expand our services. The new services will include: Cover Letter Assistance Class, Interview Preparation Class, LinkedIn Marketing Workshop – How to Get Noticed by Recruiters, Professional Networking Workshop, Elevator Speech Class, and an Employer Interviewer Skills Workshop.

These new services are designed to assist candidates in their quest for promotions, new careers, and positions. All starting in August!

We will also continue our professional resume assistance program that has gained outstanding reviews and results, our Executive Recruiting Services (outstanding results…we have never had to replace a candidate), and our Beverage Industry focused consultancy.

All the best!!!

mrbeverage@ymail.com, aebevconsult.com