Sales Candidate with Extensive Background
  • Worden, Illinois
  • April 13, 2020

I have experience on both the retail and vendor side of the FMCG business. Having spent many years with Anheuser Busch I built a broad base of experience. While at AB I spent time in their internal strategy team. While on that team I worked to bring innovation into the market and then as a pricing and promotional consultant to many of our joint business plan (JBP) partners.

Via much success I was promoted to run a several divisions of the Walmart sales team, starting with the western division and then eventually the central division. I then ran all of sales and strategy for the large format business in the southeastern US, AB's largest region. While in this role I managed both sales and category management and had retail revenues of ~$1B.

After leaving AB I cut my "startup chops" with JUUL Labs and helped establish the Central Region where we had the opportunity to grow monthly revenue by 7.5X. While there I had many responsibilities including, but not limited to, managing and coaching the field sales organization as well as managing wholesaler relationships.

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