Experienced Technology Leader
  • Allen, TX
  • June 24, 2020

I am passionate about building engaging customer experiences in the digital economy via constantly learning & evolving architectures, driving operational efficiencies to reduce costs. Leadership style with bias towards high quality, consistent outcomes, agility, learning & taking calculated risk with unproven technology and building sustainable processes. 

I have a proven track record of building high performing organizations capable and empowered to deliver complete, highly scalable solutions concurrently across multiple domains with a high degree of quality, agility, resilience, scalability and reliability.  Consistently demonstrating the ability to deliver aggressive deadlines and financial commitments. 

I have built strong collaborative relationships with peers and leaders in the business to create shared objectives for outcomes that transform the business and take advantage of disruptive technologies.

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Bachelors of Science @ Texas State University
Jun 1997 — Dec 1999


Chief Technology Officer @ Tech Bridge Builder
Jan 2019 — Current

As a key member of the leadership team I lead the firm’s consulting practice, which includes strategic positioning, driving growth, establishing customer relations, cyber & technical advisory services, professional development, and business planning. I foster the strategic growth of the organization through customer engagement with the clients, as well as implementation of growth strategies and business development initiatives.
Key Accomplishments:
• Supported acquisition advisory integration and separation processes, led and assessed the Information Technology related opportunities and risks, developed an action plan to address, and communicate due diligence results.
• Evaluated the Information Technology related performance of clients and developed plans for improvement and expense reduction. In addition, I provided project management and planning oversight support to help facilitate the integration of IT operations.
• Delivered a comprehensive and effective cyber security program that protects against threats, propels transformation, and drives growth.
• Introduced and transformed governance, risk, and compliance activities into a systematic process that is able to anticipate and mitigate risk to help a client drive business performance within their supply chain.

Executive Vice President @ Andrews Distributing
Oct 2004 — May 2019

Cross functional leader responsible for overseeing all technology-related operations and ensuring full compliance with company standards and policies. Analyzed operational procedures, data needs, and existing information technology, including hardware and software, to determine efficiency, capabilities, limitations, and needs. Directed teams of technical and management staff in successful fulfillment of IT service delivery agreements. Collaborated with stakeholders to analyze current operation procedures, pinpoint problem areas, and determine areas for potential improvement of information services. Protected the franchise by ensuring a resilient cyber security program and supported an enterprise risk management strategy to ensure we were continuing to mitigate risks and improve our enterprise threat posture.

Key Accomplishments:
• Identified and assessed strategic acquisition evaluations for adjacency markets and new territories to help increase enterprise value.
• Helped support a 300% revenue growth by developing acquisition blueprint, building a scalable infrastructure, standardizing asset configurations and fostering enterprise partnerships to better serve our customers.
• Reduced costs by over $1M within the first year by developing a dynamic machine learning routing tool which improved asset utilization, while reducing fuel and overtime expenses.
• Improved HR capabilities including workforce planning, recruiting and talent management to better serve our employees with Workday human capital platform implementation.
• Improved market share growth by over 3% through the creation of a customer revenue planning tool that targeted specific customers by their purchasing behaviors and prescribed specific sales plans.
• Migrated to Microsoft’s Power BI platform which helped facilitate actionable insights for all departments and further leveraged the integration for the Microsoft suite of tools.

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