Accomplished Executive and Entrepreneur with over 20 year's of Thought Leadership.
  • Bristow, VA
  • January 6, 2021

I have been in National Accounts for 20 years and at the end of the day, it is all about relationships, organization, communication, and follow ups. I know how to build and train both Sales/Marketing Teams and Broker Partners that will execute according to company objectives and financial targets. My Thought Leadership and extroverted passion has always allowed me to drive revenue growth by recognizing process improvements, establishing priorities, new business development, developing pricing strategies, and the ability to manage dozens of retail channels to achieve operational and distribution objectives, while staying within budget. My team, supplier partners, and customers know that I bring solutions, new innovative ideas, and a thorough understanding of how to execute successful promotions. I enjoy building brands and line extensions through communications and follow ups by being in the trade to ensure execution.

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Key Account Manager - Large Format @ Virginia Eagle Distributing
Jul 2015 — Dec 2020

Responsible for the development and achievement of gaining 40M+ in revenue annually by leading a Sales Management team of 32, Broker and Supplier personnel of 21, and 24 Customer Call Points through the direct sales channel of 14 separate banners with over 200 locations. My team grew 21% or $8.75M over my 5 Year Tenure while focused on ensuring profitable sales volume and strategic objective targets are met for the assigned key accounts. Responsible for assessing, clarifying, and validating the customers’ needs on an ongoing basis, cultivating high customer satisfaction ratings that are superior to the business’s standards by maintaining close relationships with key buyers and staff.

• Strategy: Increase knowledge and awareness of competing products/services, discount and pricing structures, and overall strengths and weaknesses in order to determine how best to service and motivate key account purchases. Develop business best practices trends, and principals that will enable the sales department to succeed in financial targets, performance objectives and critical milestones.
• Analytics: Play an analytical role where preparing detailed proposals/quotes depending on each customer’s requirements. Review target achievement and create reports for senior customer account management, which facilitate the creation of informed decision-making and strategy formulation within those accounts to achieve all goals. Prepare pricing documentation for the business’s products and secure local ads and price promotion displays within the entire customers organization, floor to paper.
• Collaboration: Closely working with the customer support and resource management departments in an effort to meet account performance objectives as well as the key accounts’ expectations through complimentary cross-functional efforts. Liaises with senior key account management in the creation and determination of departmental strategies, financial requirements, and account management standards.
• Knowledge: Continued education on product awareness, best practices, market trends, consumer trends, and the competitive environment. Constantly improving professional skills by attaining relevant certifications while staying in tune with the business’s CRM tool and techniques that come in handy when managing consumers.

CEO @ Prime Beverage Imports
Jul 2011 — Jul 2015

Developed and launched two separate LLC’s focused on advancements in training and operational management of the beverage distribution industry. Initiated consulting business from the ground up including planning, licensing, outside sales and daily operational management. Functioning as owner/operator work with clients to streamline their operations resulting in protocols increasing efficiency and profitability.
• Tactical Consulting: Through advanced market research and industry contacts discovered a need for more training in distribution management. Initiated a series of protocols focusing on streamlining distribution efficiency and driving sales revenue.
• Strategic Management: Developed and implemented a strategic business plan to drive distributor business through specific module training on key performance indicators within the beverage distribution business.
• Innovative Products: Initiated launch of Toppers Rhum by negotiating logistics and securing a distribution network into the US resulting in a 3 phase launch of 6 SKU’s nationwide. Designed all pre-forms and PET Bottles while negotiating production nationally and within the Nether Antilles in order to reduce freight cost and import tax. Coordinated purchasing hard ingredients internationally by leveraging US currency with the Yen and Euro and proposed ideas from contracting international Rum, Sugar and Extracts versus self-manufacturing ingredients.

CEO @ Carolina Craft Distributing
Jul 2007 — Jul 2011

Manage all aspects of business performance including sales force covering NC and SC; direct all any--aspects of business operations, logistics, and staff of 28. Manage customer base of 1400 active customers as well as relationships with 104 suppliers. Develop and manage $3.5M+ sales budget and long-term strategic planning.
• Business Management: Developed, implemented, and managed operational protocols for warehouse design, logistics, purchasing, and distribution of over 1100 SKU’s, resulting in 4 consecutive years of 18% revenue growth.
• Procurement Analyst: Extensive planning, forecasting, negotiation and the coordination of delivery schedules Provided measurable targets such as fill rates, turn rates, backorder lines and dollars.
• Outside Sales: Challenged with increasing sales revenue, developed dynamic sales management protocol focusing on monthly budgets with incentives, training, and performance expectations increasing sales revenue by 15% over the life of the company.
• Off Premise Sales: Developed pricing and sales strategy for all off-premise sales channels, initiated contract approvals and managed relationships with executive level buyers, resulting in $1.2 M increase in revenue.
• Target Marketing: Manage and coordinate relationships with suppliers increasing fine wine and craft beer portfolio, while consistently building brands and increasing depletions and market share.

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