Global Business Development, Marketing + Sales Pro; Have Spirit + Malt Beverage Expertise, Will Travel!!!
  • Chicago, Illionis
  • November 3, 2020



Drew has extensive experience in the Spirit industry, with Cognac, Bourbon, Scotch and Canadian Whiskey, Vodka, Liqueurs, as well as, Imported and Domestic Malt Beverages. Drew  Expertise includes having worked brands from many nations, including but not limited to: 

  • Europe: Cognac: Hennessy, Courvoisier, Remy, Alize; Vodka: Stoli, Finlandia; Liqueurs: Bailey’s, Grande Marnier
  • Asia: Rum: Tanduay (Philippines); Vodka: SHkeldA (Russia)
  • Latin American Spirits: Tequilas: Jose Cuervo; Mezcal: Illegal; Cachaca (Brasil): Leblon + Pitu; Pisco (Peru): Porton; Guaro (Costa Rica) 
  • Africa: Nigeria: Star Beer; Ethiopia: NALF
  • USA: Jack Daniels, Crown Royal, Paul Masson (GA Brandy)
  • International Beers: Heineken, Corona, Guinness, Brama (Brasil)
  • Publicity: Mahon Gin, Wild Hart Spirits, Sasakawa Whisky

Drew has a significant amount of Spirit Beverage promotions experience + expertise.  He is quite familiar with the 3 Tier distribution system in the USA, which is being mimicked to some extent by many industrial nations. Drew created +  managed projects for foreign and domestic brands owned, distributed + marketed by international and domestic marketers and independent startups, as well as wholesale distributors from the largest to the smallest.

Drew has worked on established and new brands, as well as product line extensions. He has managed a wide variety of Spirit and Malt Beverage consumer and trade sales promotion, creation and management experience; in both On and Off-Premise campaigns.

Drew has conceived of, developed and managed and or brokered various brand sponsor/partnership  participation in many high profile consumer and professional events; with Local, Regional, National and International Profiles. His familiarity and comfort with and enjoyment of the spirit consumption scene and its cultures worldwide enables him to be successful within a wide variety of cultures, lifestyles, ethnic groups and geographic regions. He can move fluidly from the Waldorf to the Biker club, from the Classical Performance to the Hip Hop Nightclub and from a Festival on Chicago's lakefront to a Club Party on a Mountain in Jamaica. Then there is Brasil’s Carnival!

Drew’s objective is to utilize his skills, abilities, expertise, capabilities and education, in the broad marketing field, including, but not limited to, New Business Development and Consultative Selling, Account Management, Marketing Technology, Strategy and Tactical Planning and Implementation, B2B / Consumer Promotions and Event Marketing, Sponsorship Strategies and Management to help Spirit and Malt Beverage brands to engage, connect with, nurture and build active, loyal and long-term customer relations with targeted business decision-makers. 

Drew thrives in the nightlife, entertainment and experiential event sectors which are a major focus of lifestyle marketing; the opportunity playground of the spirit beverage industry. He excels in the on-premise promotions environment; including pubs, bars, nightclubs, big dance clubs and restaurants; as well as festivals, concerts, trade shows, consumer and trade exhibitions, galas, etc.

Drew’s Social Media Sphere of Influence along with his capabilities in Social Media Marketing, strengths his status as a master networker + communicator of considerable skill. He can effectively do business with anyone from the Corporate decision maker by day and Hip Hop and Pop Culture Influencer at night. His knowledge base + vernacular is quite extensive.

Branded promotions Drew has developed and managed include the Jack Daniels’ Real Player Tournament, Corona’s Club Connection, and South Beach in Chicago, with Corona.

Drew managed operations + teams for event, bar + Nightclub sales promotions projects for Jack Daniels, Paul Masson Grande Amber Brandy, Alize Cognac, Leblon Cachaça, Remy Martin, Courvoisier, Crown Royal, Stolichnaya, Hennessy, Grand Marnier, Corona, Heineken, Guinness and Tanduay. 

Drew sold Milano Green Vodka throughout Manhattan. He worked on the USA Market entry of SHkeldA (Russian Vodka), seeking both an Importer and Distributors, as well as trade show promotions.

Drew also have extensive Experiential Lifestyle event creations, development, production, marketing and management capabilities. Drew has a passion for the music genres Traditional Jazz, Classic Rock, Afro-Latin, Samba and Bossa Nova, Old School R&B, Classic Hip Hop and Neo-Soul.

Drew is intimately familiar with the bar, restaurant and nightclub scenes of Chicago; including the South West and Central Loop, River North West and West, Old Town, Lincoln Park, Lakeview and Uptown, Bronzeville, Kenwood, Hyde Park, South Shore. Drew has worked the bar scene all over Chicago and many of its suburbs.

Drew is very familiar with the Nightclub, Bar and Restaurant scene, throughout Manhattan from end to end; as well as key neighborhoods in Brooklyn. He can easily maneuver the northeast corridor from Boston to through South Connecticut to Philadelphia and Atlantic City to DC, as needed.

Nationally the USA markets in which Drew has the strongest capabilities and connections outside of Chicago, are Philadelphia, Atlantic City, Washington DC, Atlanta, Miami-Dade and Ft. Lauderdale-Broward, Detroit, Chicago, Nashville, Memphis, San Antoine, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Where Drew does not have connections he can source them. He has a teams of professionals of all age, ethnic. social and cultural groups which can deployed in markets from coast to coast.

Drew can also mount and manage local, regional and national Branded Vehicle Tours. There is no limitation to where he is willing to travel, domestically and internationally, up to 100%.

All of this coupled with years of successful, B2B sales for some major corporations, as well as, years of successful selling various marketing services to major corporations, enables me to be a real asset to any sales-driven organization. If working in a sales function Drew can successfully sell to pre-existing accounts and or work on new business development. Drew is first and foremost a 'Salzmun!'

Drew has international capabilities + connections throughout the USA, BRICS + MINT nations, Latin America, Africa + the Caribbean, which can be beneficial for any brand on which he is deployed to build business.

As stated he has significant experience working as a contractor, for Spirit and Malt Beverage Manufacturers, Importers, Distributors and Marketers/Agencies. Drew is ready, willing and able to but my considerable capabilities, experience, expertise and skills to work for Your Brands. He look forward to exploring how I can be of benefit to Your Brands, at your convenience.

    • Account Management, Business Development, Sales, Territory Management
    • Marketing Strategy and Tactical Planning and Implementation 
    • Marketing Technologist: NFC, BLE, Geofencing, QR Codes, Mobile Advertising, Mobile Apps, Digital Signage, Cloud-Based Applications 
    • Direct Response Marketing: Social Media, Direct Mail, Email, SMS, SEO, SEM 
    • OOH: In-Airport, Street Level, Pop Up, Movable and You Place Media 
    • Event Marketing: Conceptualization, Development, Management, Marketing, Productions and Sponsorship Strategy Consulting/Sales 
    • Trade Shows, Professional Conferences and Meetings, Corporate Events 
    • Experiential Events: Festivals, Exhibitions, Concerts, Art Performances, Seminars, Workshops, etc. 
    • Business and Consumer Sales Promotions: Event, Ambush, Guerrilla, Street, Touring 
    • Spirits, Malt and Vino Beverages 
    • Automotive: Event Marketing and Consumer Promotions 
    • Global Travel & Tourism: The World’s Biggest Industry by overall revenue 
    • Digital Technology: Apps, Purpose Specific Web Platforms, Content Distribution Networks 
    • Tele & Data Comm 
    • Pharmaceuticals 
    • Retail: Mass Merchandisers, Grocers, Department Stores
    • Finance: Products and Services 
    • Consumer Packaged Goods: Food, Health and Beauty 
    • OEM IT Technology 
    • Events: Consumer Experiential, Professional Conferences and Trade Shows 
    • Major Sporting Events: Group and Executive Hospitality Sales 

Do not hesitate to call and or reply with questions, comments, feedback, directions, suggestions, requests, etc.

Drew Barrett

  • News Business Developer, Sales Rainmaker Pro
  • Marketing Experientialist, Technologist, Strategist
  • @SpiritProphet (Spirit Beverage Twitter)
  • @Globetrotter69 (Global Travel & Tourism Twitter)
  • 312-933-6525 Direct Worldwide


  1. Jack Daniels Real Player Tournament = On-Premise Bar Games Promotions, Pool, Darts, Blackjack. I collaborated with the Agency Of Record to develop the concept. 
  2. Year 1: On-Premise Chicago; 6 months, Wednesdays thru Saturdays.  
  3. Year 2: On-Premise Chicago, NYC, Washington DC, Atlanta and Los Angeles.
  4. Jack Daniel Comedy Showcase during the Sinbad Soul Beach Music Festival, Aruba
  5. Jack Daniels Think Tank = Three Day Consultancy, at the Brown Forman HQ
  6. Paul Masson Grande Amber Brandy = Chicago On-Premise and Experiential Events Launch
  7. Alize Cognac = Chicago Launch On-Premise Bars + Nightclubs and Off-Premise Retail
  8. Jack Daniels = Sponsorship of Several Congressional Black Caucus Event, Washington DC
  9. Hennessy, Baileys and Grand Marnier = Experiential Event Promotions during the Congressional Black Caucus 3 years, 3,000 participants on Average.
  10. Crown Royal = Activation of Sponsorship of Tom Joyner Fantastic Voyage Cruise, 6000 participants
  11. Crown Royal = Business Relations of Retail Trade Partners + Distributors in Miami Beach, Fl 
  12. Corona Beer = South Beach in Chicago On-Premise Promotions 6 Months, 3 nights per week for which I developed the Collateral and sold in the project to the On and Off Premise Trade.         
  13. Heineken = Heineken Beach Party, Sinbad’s Soul Beach Music Festival, Aruba,
  14. Heineken = Multiple Chicago Regional Festival sponsorship over 8 years, i.e. Caribbean Fest of Life, African Festival or the Arts 
  15. Interwine of Russia = Vodkas sampling and meetings with distributors during the Fancy Foods Show, Washington DC
  16. Interwine of Russia = Set up and managed meetings & presentations with importers and distributors, NYC area, to present brands to secure importer and distributor partners.
  17. Miliano Green Vodka = Retail Distribution Partner Acquisition and Consumer Sales Promotions, throughout Manhattan from Washington Heights to Wall Street
  18. Leblon Cachaca = On-Premise Brazilian Carnival Themed Promotions in Chicago
  19. Leblon Cachaca = Brazilian Cultural Event Marketing & Promotions in Chicago, including event produced by Consulate of Brasil in Chicago
  20. NALF (National Alcohol + Liquor Factory of Ethiopia: Government Export to USA Regulations Consulting
  21. Tanduay Rum = Managed State of Illinois Territory as a Contract Representative; including Tier 2 Distributor Relations and Tier 3 Retail/Bar/Restaurant Sales + Relations; as well and Consumer and Trade On + Off Premise and Events Sales Promotions.
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