Business Development with operations experience in addition to day 2 day responsibility of running teams!
  • Greensburg, PA
  • July 30, 2019

Carl Pacione is currently a consultant at CRP, LLC (January 2015 - present) and the SVP of Sales & Marketing at Shelf Level Retail Solutions since December 2017.  Carl just completed a twelve month contract with Prantl’s Bakery, LLC as President where he was responsible for 3 retail locations along with 2 production facilities with 75 employees.  Carl was recently the Vice President of Client Development with BDS Solutions Group, LLC where he was responsible for new and organic business growth in all channels of trade. He also accepted two consulting assignments with TMD Holdings and CAST Retail. Carl was Vice President of Sales and Marketing at MexAmerica Foods / Harbar, LLC, which is an American tortilla and corn chip and shell/wrap manufacture. Prior to this role, Carl was the Director of Business Development / National Account Executive at Premier Concepts, a sales and merchandising firm that focuses primarily on Walmart and Sam’s Club. Before his time at Premier Concepts, Carl worked a few roles at Acosta Sales & Marketing, which culminated with Vice President New / Organic Business Development and Vice President of Retail Operations of the 5,000+ Retail Associates servicing Walmart and Sam’s Club locations throughout the US. Acosta is a full-service sales, marketing and service company that are focused on consumer packaged goods. Prior to his roles at Acosta, Carl was the Director of Account Development /Account Executive for Premium Retail Services, which provides client representation, project management, and retail merchandising support services for manufacturers and retailers. Before his role as Premium Retail Services, Carl was a Senior National Account Executive with REPS, which was a high-tech company created to meet a market demand for information security and data protection including retail store level support. Previous to his role with REPS, Carl was a National Account Representative with National Marketing Services (NMS), which provided in-store retail services.

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